NDC Animated Carton to Canvass Support for Local Dairy Jobs

We’re behind our local dairy farmers – are you ?

Pictured outside the Dail are Helen Brophy, CEO and Dominic Cronin, Chairman, NDC with the NDC animated milk carton character.

A new animated carton of milk from the National Dairy Council made his first public appearance at the entrance to the Dail today, to canvass public support for local jobs in dairies and on dairy farms.

The animated character is the latest addition to the NDC’s advertising campaign to build support for the ‘Farmed in the Republic of Ireland’ packaging mark on milk and cream. The NDC mark can only appear under licence on milk and cream which has been both farmed and processed in the Republic of Ireland. This gives consumers in the Republic of Ireland the assurance that they are supporting 4,676 local jobs* in dairy co-operatives and on dairy farms, when they buy milk or cream which has the mark on the pack.

The creation of the NDC’s carton character will extend and compliment a campaign already well publicised by rugby giant Paul O’Connell, with three new ‘cartoon’ ads running in rotation across all of the national and satellite television stations between the end of January and end of September. The campaign represents €500,000 in direct media spend, with Kick Communications responsible for creative concepts and account management, Windmill Lane handling production of the new tv ad and Zenith Optimedia managing the media strategy. The campaign will also be supported by national print media advertising.

The NDC first introduced the concept of the ‘Farmed in the Republic of Ireland’ mark in November 2009, at a time when 81% of consumers said they believed it would be good to see a new label which showed where milk has been farmed. (BMR Business & Market Research Ltd testing Spring 2009). The project demanded extensive consultation with 10 different co-ops and the development of a robust audit programme.

The NDC mark is now displayed under licence on packaging for some 340 milk and cream products - cream and whole milk, skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk, buttermilk, lactose free milk, flavoured milk or fortified milk. It appears in the Republic of Ireland on products ranging from brand leaders - to those more cost effective ‘private label’ or supermarket ‘own label’ products that can be licensed to carry the NDC mark, because they source and process their milk in the Republic of Ireland and they meet all of the necessary NDC licensing criteria.

Research undertaken in January 2010 already demonstrated strong consumer awareness and a campaign which has been more than met its objectives, with 82% of consumers saying they believe the advertising asks them to look out for the NDC mark when buying milk. A further 55% of consumers stated that milk with the NDC mark is now either the only milk they would consider, or the milk they would look out for first. (BMR, January 2010)

Helen Brophy, Chief Executive of the National Dairy Council says that the new campaign creatives have been developed in response to further research undertaken in October 2010 and is intended to keep the need to support local jobs ‘front of mind’ for consumers, whilst bringing the focus of the message to the point of purchase for consumers. The extended campaign will also highlight that milk is a natural, fresh product.

In January 2010, 100% of the participating dairies confirmed that their retail customers were fully aware of the NDC mark whilst 80% had retail customers specifically ask for the mark or who have included the NDC mark in tender requirements. The NDC has started to introduce a mechanism for foodservice outlets supplied with NDC licensed milk and cream to receive certification so that foodservice outlets can demonstrate their local support to customers.

“We believe the NDC mark empowers consumers in the Republic of Ireland to make purchases based on being informed about the origin of the milk or cream they are buying,” says Helen Brophy, Chief Executive of the National Dairy Council. “We have been very encouraged by the positive research results related to the campaign, which tells us that we are on strategy in relation to how we have been promoting the mark, but which also tells us that the mark has come to mean something real in the hearts of consumers.”

* 2,483 people employed in dairies/co-ops whose products have been licensed and 2,193 liquid milk dairy farmers in the Republic of Ireland

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