Goodness on a different level   

Milk, a staple of the Irish diet, provides a unique package of nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Milk is versatile too and is ideal as a refreshing stand-alone drink; in smoothies; served with breakfast cereals; or for use in cooking and baking.

Variety and choice

  • Whole milk: Irish whole milk typically contains 3.5% fat.
  • Semi-skimmed milk: Semi-skimmed milk contains no more than 1.8% fat, (or approximately half the fat of whole milk). Semi-skimmed milk may also be referred to as low-fat milk.
  • Skimmed milk: Skimmed milk contains no more than 0.5% fat. Skimmed milk is sometimes called ‘fat-free’ milk. Although virtually fat-free, skimmed milk is not lower in calcium than whole milk.
  • Fortified milk: Fortified milk – usually whole or low-fat milk- which contains added vitamins and minerals e.g. vitamins D and E, folic acid and calcium.


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