Clodagh McKenna & The NDC at Christmas

The goodness of Irish dairy starts with the lush, green pastures of our farmlands and our fresh, clean air. Thanks to our tradition of excellence in dairy production, quality seems to come naturally, it is no wonder milk and milk products are central to our heritage and a key feature of our diet.

This Christmas, enjoy the flavour and diversity of cooking with Irish dairy produce, whether it’s a farmhouse cheese soufflé or simply fresh cream on your Christmas pudding, you have it made with dairy!

Chef, Food Writer, TV Cook & Irish Dairy Advocate, Clodagh McKenna

I have always been passionate about the quality and goodness of Irish dairy and use it regularly in all my recipes and dishes for its delicious flavour and superb taste. The best meals are made from good quality fresh ingredients and dairy is delicious, nutritious and versatile.

In Ireland we are very fortunate to have a wonderful range of dairy produce to choose from and thanks to our tradition of excellence in dairy production, quality comes naturally. The recipes I have created will add that extra special touch of luxury to your Christmas celebrations this year.

Clodagh McKenna

From Farm to Fridge